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Hindu group in Canada seeks action against pro-Khalistan hardliner Pannun

On behalf of the Indian community in Canada, a non-profit group has urged the Justin Trudeau government to take swift action against pro-Khalistan hardliner Gurpatwant Singh Pannun for threatening Indian diplomats and consulates in G7 nations.

Pannun, legal counsel of outlawed Sikhs For Justice (SFJ) and a designated terrorist in India, issued fresh threats this week after Indians turned up in huge numbers for a rally at Mel Lastman Square in Toronto on Monday, condemning the Hamas attacks on Israel.

In an email to Canadian Minister of Public Safety Dominic LeBlanc on Thursday, the Hindu Forum Canada (HFC) said Pannun’s statement “endorses hatred and violence against Hindus”.

“Such statements must not be tolerated. We implore the government of Canada to take immediate action, as we are deeply concerned about the safety of our community. This kind of hateful video and speech is exacerbating hatred and violence,” HFC said.

The forum further urged LeBlanc to investigate and charge Pannun in connection with hate crimes in Canada.

“We strongly urge you to consider barring his (Pannun) entry to Canada if he is not a Canadian citizen. If he is indeed a Canadian citizen, we implore that he be investigated and charged in connection with hate crimes,” HFC said.

In a viral video message on X, Pannun called the Representative Office of India in Palestine as a “terror house” and threatened envoy Renu Yadav.

“On October 21st, from G7 Nations, from Canada to Australia, Sikhs for Justice is going to shut down terror houses of India in Vancouver, Washington DC, London, Frankfurt, and Milan. The People of Palestine, shut down the Indian terror house in Ramallah and remove Renu Yadav.

“Like Palestine, the only peaceful solution to conflict between Sikhs and India is (to) let the peopleā€¦ decide their future through a referendum on the question of Khalistan,” he added.

Parallel to the call for October 21 rallies, the SFJ also launched an email campaign through which members can send a pre-drafted email to the G7 governments.

Last month, Pannun had threatened Indo-Canadian Hindus to leave the country and return to India.



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