Hiten Paintal: People are supposed to see talent to cast actors, not social media

‘Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho’ actor Hiten Paintal says that social media following and presence is given a lot of importance today, which is not right.

“Nowadays, people look at your social media to give you work which is ridiculous. I really don’t understand this. People are supposed to see talent to cast actors and not social media. It’s sad for those people who get hope and later on find it impossible. There’s a lot of hard work and passion to it,” he says.

He adds: “I think people want content. Sometimes when I check social media, it makes me think of why would people even do such things. I have seen some big celebrities making some hilarious reels. I feel very weird to see Top 10 actresses do such weird things. Maybe they would want to be seen.”

He shares that to survive in this industry, it is important to be seen: “When you start doing 1-2 projects and later when you don’t sign any projects, people wonder if you left acting or what you are up to. Sometimes something gets delayed which brings a question mark to their mind. So, if it gets delayed, you go invisible to them,” he adds.

Talking about his own career, Hiten says: “Human wants can never decrease, they only increase. So how much ever you get you will never get satisfied. It’s a cycle and will keep going on. I would not say I am hundred percent satisfied but I am fifty percent on the way.”




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