Tuesday, July 23, 2024

HK lowers warning as storm Koinu moves away

As severe tropical storm Koinu has weakened, the Hong Kong Observatory issued the Strong Wind Signal No. 3 on Monday to replace No. 8 Northeast Gale or Storm Signal.

As of 2 p.m. on Monday, Koinu was estimated to be about 190 km west-southwest of Hong Kong and is forecast to move west-southwest at about 12 km per hour across the western coast of Guangdong province and weaken gradually, Xinhua news agency quoted the observatory as saying.

With Koinu continuing to depart from Hong Kong, local winds are weakening gradually.

The Hong Kong Observatory will issue the Standby Signal, No. 1 to replace the Strong Wind Signal, No. 3.

Since midnight, most parts of Hong Kong have recorded rainfall exceeding 200 mm, with certain areas experiencing rainfall exceeding 300 mm.

As the weather conditions improve, various transportation services in Hong Kong are gradually resuming.

The rainbands associated with Koinu will still bring squally showers and thunderstorms to Hong Kong. Showers will be heavy at times, said the observatory.

The Hong Kong Observatory issued No. 8 Northeast Gale or Storm Signal on Sunday afternoon, the third-highest warning under Hong Kong’s weather system.



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