HK to invest $12.9bn annually on infrastructure projects


The Hong Kong government will invest over HK$100 billion ($12.9 billion) annually in infrastructure projects during the next several years, Financial Secretary Paul Chan said on Sunday.

The government will continue to push forward a series of projects concerning people’s livelihood, including affordable housing, land reclamation, reconstructions of hospitals and railway networks, Chan said in an online article.

Chan believes that such projects will improve the urban environment and make Hong Kong more livable, reports Xinhua news agency.

After a year of the economic recession, the budget is under pressure but the government will not slow down its work to push society forward in a bid to break development bottlenecks and improve people’s living conditions, he said.

In the article, the Financial Secretary also reviewed the government work in the past year.

Hong Kong encouraged the construction sector to adopt more digital technologies and allocated 200 million Hong Kong dollars to train workers, Chan added.