Hockey coach, HarperCollins agree to follow Delhi HC order

Indian woman hockey team’s former coach Sjoerd Marjine and publisher HarperCollins have agreed to comply with Delhi High Court’s restraint orders on publication of the former’s book till the end of the current suit filed by player Gurjit Kaur.

The undertaking was made in an affidavit by the two, submitted by the player’s counsel before the High Court on Wednesday.

The high court, on September 19, had restrained the former Indian woman hockey team coach Marjine and HarperCollins from including any information about the medical condition of Gurjit Kaur in book “Will Power: The Inside Story of the incredible turnaround in Indian Women’s Hockey”, scheduled to be released on September 21.

Representing HarperCollins, Advocate Swathi Sukumar submitted that the affidavit was filed on September 26 and that they agree to comply with September 19 orders.

Noting the above, Justice Siddharth Mridul and Justice Talwant Singh disposed of the petition.

Earlier, Justice Mridul and Justice Amit Sharma had directed Marjine and HarperCollins to submit a report of the actions taken in view of the order dated September 19.

Advocate Shyel Trehan appearing for Gurjit Kaur informed the court that post-September 19 order also, on September 24, Kaur received the book from Amazon.

Counsel informed the court that a contempt application was also filed by Gurjit Kaur against the respondents for not following the orders of the HC.

On this, the court, noting that “in any contempt, there has to be willful disobedience”, directed Marjine and HarperCollins to submit relevant documents following the order of September 19, along with an affidavit.




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