Honduran court approves extradition of ex-Prez to US


The Supreme Court of Justice (CSJ) of Honduras ratified a decision to extradite former President Juan Orlando Hernandez to the US to face drug trafficking charges.

“The magistrates have ruled against the appeal filed, which means that the decision to grant the extradition of Juan Orlando Hernandez by the judge of first instance (on March 16) is confirmed,” Xinhua news agency quoted CSJ spokesperson Melvin Duarte as saying during a press conference.

“By unanimous vote, the extradition is granted in relation to charge number one (conspiracy to import a controlled substance into the United States),” Duarte added.

The US had requested Hernandez’s extradition on three drug trafficking counts, accusing him of importing 500 tonnes of cocaine as well as using and carrying firearms.

The former President was arrested on February 15 and immediately appeared at two preliminary hearings that led to the decision to grant extradition.



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