Hondurans head to polls in general elections


Hondurans headed to the polls to elect the President as well as legislators and mayors, the National Electoral Council (CNE) confirmed.

Nearly 5.2 million Hondurans are eligible to vote and elect the President, three Vice-Presidents, 298 municipal mayors, 128 Congressional members and 20 Central American Parliament members, Xinhua news agency reported.

During a live poll-opening ceremony, CNE President Kelvin Aguirre said, “I hope we vote in peace, without fear or violence.”

The ceremony was also attended by international observers and local authorities, amid a strong police and military presence.

About 30,000 members of the Armed Forces and the National Police will be acting as security during the election.

The CNE set up some 5,700 voting centers throughout the Central American country.

Additionally, CNE Councilor Ana Paola Hall announced, “We will transmit preliminary results on a progressive basis.”


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