‘Horrorscope’: Nicholas Adams novel to be adapted into a movie

Author Nicholas Adams’ 1991 novel, ‘Horrorscope’ is set to be adapted into a movie which will reportedly star Jacob Batalon, of ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ fame, along with Alana Boden, Avantika and Adain Bradley. The movie also stars Wolfgang Novogratz and Humberly González.

As per the Collider, ‘Horrorscope’ will tell the tale of a reading gone wrong. Hoping to learn a bit more about themselves and what the future may hold, a motley group of college buddies set out to get their horoscopes read professionally.

However, things spiral out of control and turn deadly as members of the group start dying in ways that eerily enough are connected to their cosmic horoscope readings.

The feature then sees those pals who are alive race against time while they try to understand if their fate can be changed or if the future as it was for their friends is set pretty much in stone.

The book showed that the main protagonists are being chased down by a serial killer but it is unknown if the plot of the movie will follow the same path. The script for the movie has been written by Spenser Cohen and Anna Halberg and they are also making their directorial debut with this feature.

Work wise, Jacob Batalon has become famous globally for playing the role of Ned, Peter Parker’s best friend in the MCU Spider-Man movies. Avantika recently starred alongside Rebel Wilson in ‘Senior Year’, which became the No.1 movie globally on Netflix for a couple of weeks following its release in May.



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