Household transmission accounts for 44% of COVID-19 cases in Peel

Peel Public Health’s latest epidemiological report issued on April 9 revealed that close contact in household settings and community transmission are driving Peel Region’s upwards trend of COVID-19 cases.

The report stated that 44 per cent of the 9,129 cases occurring from March 1 to 31, 2021 were attributed to within the household, similar to trends in Peel throughout the pandemic.

Additional details for most likely sources of transmission showed that 29 per cent were community-acquired cases while fourteen per cent listed close contact with non-household members. Nearly 52 per cent of the 2,300 acquisition exposure settings for these cases were attributed to workplace exposures.

Top categories in close-contact workplace settings were listed as manufacturing (16 per cent), office settings (7 per cent), retail and big-box stores (6 per cent), medical settings (6 per cent) and schools (5 per cent).

Five top categories for community spread in non-workplace settings were listed as visits to private residences(27 per cent), medical settings (16 per cent), schools (13 per cent), grocery store visits (6 per cent) and social gatherings at (5 per cent).

Three per cent of cases, in non-workplace settings, were attributed to an exposure in a private residence or social gathering, according to the report.

Four per cent of the cases were attributed to travel.

“As variants of concern continue to spread at high levels in Peel, continued public health measures are necessary to keep COVID-19 transmission low and allow for the successful rollout of Peel’s vaccination program,” stated the report.

As of April 8, 70 per cent of the 76,246 confirmed and probable cases in Peel have been under the age of 50 years, with the highest rate among the 20-29 years age group.  




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