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How has the pandemic lockdown changed you?

Like it or not, the pandemic lockdown has changed us all for better or for worse. This week we feature Oakville’s Ward 7 Councillor Jasvinder Sandhu, who shares her experience.

In what way have you changed since the lockdown?
The lockdown has made me a much better parent, wife, worker and person. Why? During the daily grind of everyday madness, it is so easy to lose perspective. We commute, we have precious few moments with our families and most of those minutes are distracted, we spend time on devices and don’t interact at social occasions. We take everything for granted. This time has been a true part of personal growth and it has forced me to take a very introspective look at how I was managing all my relationships and responsibilities. On top of relationships, it taught me that I need to spend more time being active and challenging myself. I was working out before, but certainly not as regularly as I am now. These are all positive changes in life and I will be continuing with this throughout my life.

What were your challenges and how did you deal with them?
The topmost challenge was ensuring the children remain engaged and ensuring I have time to balance work and life. We had a schedule, a routine to manage and everyone was on board with that. After the pandemic began, we had little time to change how we managed day-to-day tasks. The change didn’t happen smoothly, but I think we’re there now.

How did you and the family spend your time?
We spend a lot of time outdoors. We ride our bikes, I take the kids on runs with me, etc. What we seem to be enjoying a lot lately is turning our family room into a movie theater and logging into Disney+. My grade schooler and I finished the Star Wars movies and we have so many more great conversations about that now too.

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