How Mobavenue is driving consumers online for e-commerce players

As India’s e-commerce industry is poised for tremendous growth, leading growth and tech platform Mobavenue is empowering brands, agencies and publishers with MadTech (MarTech and AdTech) solutions to drive acquisition, growth, engagement and monetisation, the company said on Tuesday.

According to Kunal Kothari, Co-founder and Chief Growth Officer, Mobavenue Media Private Limited, the company is working towards the growth and marketing needs of global and local e-commerce players trying to differentiate themselves from the competition while adding to a quality customer base.

India’s e-commerce industry which was approximately $22 billion in 2018 and $99 billion in 2022, is estimated to reach $350 billion by 2030, according to the data platform Statista.

With its in-house proprietary solutions, the company is currently working with leading e-commerce players to increase active users and purchase rates, resulting in a higher Lifetime Value (LTV).

“Our solutions are highly valued by our clients, as we are one of the top five partners for the leading Indian e-commerce players,” said Kothari.

“Our clients have experienced accelerated growth, first and foremost, through our tailored solutions, as Mobavenue handles bidding and purchasing ad space without needing client intervention and attention,” he added.

According to him, traditional ad purchasing methods limit inventory because each publisher can only serve ads on their own site, whereas their solutions provide unlimited inventory.

“After all, we have access to almost all premium websites. Third, we provide deep insights about the targeted audience, which can be used to improve marketing campaigns and generate better results,” Kothari added.

With a team of industry professionals at Mobavenue, the company has a thorough understanding of the e-commerce industry and have consistently produced results, assisting clients in achieving scale and developing growth strategies.

“Our platform serves as a managed service for brands by increasing active users through our proprietary machine learning and AI technology, boosting retention, raising user LTV, and building brand awareness,” said Kothari.




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