How some parents are keeping their children busy

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Summer is a time when parents with children find keeping them engaged can be quite a challenge. With parents working, coordinating vacation time can be hard and for a large number of Canadian parents and new immigrants are not in a position to take off for a two-week vacation, but many make the best of weekends or take short vacations. Other parents send their children to of many private all-day or half-day camps being run by private organizations and the city.

Shipra Gupta and husband with daughter Elina

Can-India asked a cross-section of South Asians about their family or kid summer plans. Narinder Singh who moved to Toronto with his family 9 years ago has two children, a 7-year-old boy and a 5-year-old girl. “My wife is home taking care of our new addition, but my two kids occupy themselves quite well. My son is crazy about books, he just loves to read all the time and his favorite place is the library which is walking distance from our house so we often take him there. Our problem is getting him to go outside and play, he doesn’t like playing,” says Narinder.
Other parents like Shipra Gupta who has three kids, a 10, 9 and a 5 year old, keeping them all busy is a full time job that keeps her on her toes all day long. Shipra a stay-at-home mom is always looking for opportunities and activities that will stretch their minds and so when she heard about Kreative Kids organized by Make.Art.Work’s annual Kreative Kids On-the-Spot Drawing Competition last month, they immediately signed up for it. “My kids loved the experience and parents we too enjoyed watching them put their minds to creating something artistic,” she said. “I have put them in swimming camp, study classes and have play dates for them. I don’t like them wasting time,” she said.
Other parents like Jyoti S. who has two boys 14 and 12, it is hard because this year neither she or her husband could get more than a few days off and that too not together, so their plans have been mostly on weekends. “We went camping for the first time two weeks ago with some other friends and my kids loved it, they only complained about the mosquito bites. They want to go again but it may not be possible, but every weekend we go for long drives. We have gone to Ottawa, Montreal and before school starts we have booked a cottage in Muskoka,” she add

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Narinder Singh and family

s. Jyoti laments that her children spend more time on devices and playing video games and that is hard to control since she and her husband both work. “I give both of them worksheets and projects to complete during the day and they have to do it for atleast an hour or two or else we take away their devices,” she adds.
Many South Asian parents are loathe to let their children waste their time mindlessly watching television or playing video games all day. Many enrol them in math classes or English classes like Kumon. South Asian parents and their children are very visible at local branch libraries and are very likely to enrol their children in any of the many free programs offered.
It is important to keep kids busy or else you risk what is called the summer slide.-CINEWS
(How are you keeping your kids busy this summer? Readers are encouraged to write in to us.)

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