How to “KonMari” your life post pandemic

KonMari method for the unversed, is an organising and decluttering method proposed by organising expert Marie Kondo. The name of the method is simply a combination of Kondo and Marie.

Marie Kondo first became popular in the US in 2014 when her book, “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” became a best seller. Such was the popularity of her book, that her name became a verb – people started referring to tidying up as “kondo-ing”. So, it became common that instead of saying “I organised my closet”, people would say, “I kondo-ed my closet”

Then in 2016, she released the book “Spark Joy” which was an illustrated guide to folding shirts and finding the “personal power spot”. At that point, Marie Kondo said that Americans had hit their peak of decluttering.

She however, spoke a little too soon. When the pandemic and the subsequent lockdown happened, all minimalistic living went right out the window. Americans, and in fact, folks all over the world, rediscovered their joy of shopping and buying knick knacks for themselves and their house.

With everyone locked up inside their homes, many found it therapeutic to buy things for the house and distract themselves from the fact that they are locked up in confined spaces.

After two years of enforced captivity, people are finally stepping out for work and leisure and it’s likely that Marie Kondo’s wisdom will soon come in handy when people look at their homes with an objective eye and start sifting the essential from the frivolous.

Enter Marie Kondo and her KonMari method. Even those who haven’t read her book now know her thanks to her massively popular Netflix show – ‘Tidying Up with Marie Kondo’.

Her ‘KonMari’ method is inspired by minimalism and her mantra is to clear up the clutter category by category and not by the usual room by room method. Her six basic rules of tidying up and these are universal rules that are applicable to all, are:

  1. Commit to tidying up.
  2. First finish discarding the items and when you get rid of them, do so with a grateful heart. Thank the items for the purpose they served.
  3. Imagine the ideal lifestyle.
  4. Tidy category wise, not location wise.
  5. Follow the right order
  6. Ask yourself if the item you’re holding brings you joy.

She also mentions the five categories that you need to tackle – Books, Clothes, Papers, Sentimental stuff and Komono (which means miscellaneous items).

Since she became a bestselling author, Marie Kondo has built a successful empire and she continues to inspire the world at large with her organizing and decluttering tips that can be very handy not just when its time to spring clean but on an everyday basis to ensure that the clutter never piles up.



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