How Tral’s Waris Wani is making people laugh in the Valley

For the last few years, talented artistes in large numbers from across the country have been using social media to showcase their work, with many of them becoming famous rapidly at regional or national level for their extraordinary talent.

Large number of artistes excel in singing, public speaking and other activities with the help of internet, with many operating comedy channels, thereby enthralling people with their versatile talent.

In Jammu & Kashmir, young and energetic artistes are taking social media by storm with their astounding work, making all efforts to share good and informative content in a humorous way.

Among all such artistes, Waris Wani from Tral sub-division in South Kashmir is an emerging comedy star on social media, who has been entertaining people in the nook and corner of the Valley for many years, with the help of his acting skills, particularly in Kashmiri langauge.

Wani, who has done his B.Tech from Kurukshetra University in Haryana, initially started his YouTube channel titled ‘Funny Kashmir’ before starting to post informative messages and funny videos on it, from time to time.

With each passing day, he along with his team continued to post videos, particularly in Kashmiri, thereby promoting the culture, language, communal harmony and other essences of Kashmir, for which he received overwhelming response from people.

After working hard to share valuable content on social media, Wani has managed to garner over 1,37,000 followers on Facebook, 1,24,000 on Instagram and 1,84,000 subscribers on YouTube.

Talking to IANS, the young comedian said that he has been promoting the Kashmiri langauge by sharing funny and informative videos in the same language, besides posting many videos on the ill effects of drugs in the society.

“I usually post videos in Kashmiri, as the language is understandable to everyone here, irrespective of age, while I try my best to make people happy by posting funny and informative videos all the time,” Wani said.

He welcomed the government’s decision of implementing 5G technology in the country, saying that it will help the social media influencers in several ways.

Recalling old days, Wani said that “slow internet speed, particularly 2G, was giving tough time to everyone”, adding that he once travelled to the main town from his native village at midnight to upload one of his videoes.

The young comedian has released some songs as well, promoting communal harmony and parental affection, which were liked by people immensely.

At the time of the Covid-19 pandemic, he had played a vital role by making videos to entertain people, as people across the country were having stress and uncertainty associated with the outbreak of the deadly virus.




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