Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandmother Padma Rani Omprakash dies at 91


Bollywood’s hunky superstar Hrithik Roshan’s maternal grandmother, Padma Rani Om prakash, who was wife of popular filmmaker J Om Prakash has passed away at the age of 91. She died on Friday, June 16, at 3 AM due to age related issues.

Filmmaker Rakesh Roshan confirmed the news of his mother-in-law’s passing to Hindustan Times and said, “Unfortunately the news is true. Om Shanti.”

As per reports, Hrithik’s grandmother has been living with the Roshans for the last couple of years owing to the fact that she was bed ridden. Hrithik’s mother Pinkie Roshan (Padma Rani’s daughter) would often share pictures with her mother on her social media.

A while ago, Pinkie Roshan had shared a picture where her mother Padma Rani is in what looks like a hospital bed and she and Pinkie are blowing out the candles on a small cake. She captioned her post, “Mother’s are special, love you, Mom.”

In the series of pictures shared by Pinkie Roshan around 5 weeks ago on her Instagram, the first one shows mother and daughter blowing candles on the cake.

The second picture shows Pinke Roshan trying to feed a small bite of the cake to her mom.

And the third and last image is Padma Rani Omprakash, placing her hand on her daughter’s Pinke’s head, the traditional Indian gesture when an elder is trying to bless the young. Pinke Roshan has her eyes closed and a big smile as she takes her mom’s blessings.


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