Hub-and-spoke model of offices gains momentum: Survey


The hub-and-spoke model of offices is gaining momentum with 58 per cent of the participants expressing an interest to work from the nearest branch office or coworking space provided by their employer, according to the Awfis Workspace Survey Report.

The survey also showed that 72 per cent of the workforce favours a hybrid work model that is a combination of working from home and working from the office premises.

It added that companies risk losing their potential talent to more flexible organisations, highlighting the need to adapt and develop an appropriate work model.

Further, the survey reaffirms the importance of a physical base for better communication, collaboration, transparency and shared work culture among employees.

Awfis founder and CEO Amit Ramani said: “While at the start of the year most of us anticipated a gradual return to normalcy and offices in turn, the second wave of Covid postponed a permanent return to work. However, it has reinforced a definite shift in the way we work, which is here to stay.”

Organisations will have to respond to the demands, opportunities and challenges of the new normal, he said.

“The emerging trends indicated in the report further reiterate the importance of a hybrid work model which suits the needs and preferences of employees as well as organisations,” he added.