The pro-coalition wing of the Green Party has enlisted Hollywood actor Mark Ruffalo for a live seminar on Monday night, as part of its final push to win over the support of the membership for the programme for government.

Party leader Eamon Ryan and deputy leader Catherine Martin announced that Mr Ruffalo – who played the Incredible Hulk in the Marvel movie of the same name – would participate in a web livestream on Monday evening to discuss fracking and the programme for government.

Mr Ruffalo has also been a prominent environmental campaigner for many years and has been particularly active in the anti-fracking movement in the United States.

The seminar was organised by the party leadership to highlight the gains it achieved in the programme for government, in banning importation of fracked gas and removing State support for the Shannon LNG facility.

The Hollywood actor in the livestream which began at 7pm urged Irish people “to do the right thing” and oppose any fracked gas being exported into Ireland.

He said those opposed to fracking need to deny the powers that be to bring about a world for their children. “Think of your children above all else. Let that be your guide. If we take care of the children, if we take care of their health and environment and future, the rest will take care of itself,” he said.


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