Human-centric approach can better tackle cyber threats: Forcepoint

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New Delhi, Aug 12 (IANS) As cyber attack incidents increase around the world, an integrated human-centric approach can safeguard individuals and enterprises from such threats, US-based cyber security firm Forcepoint has proposed.

According to Forcepoint, when it comes to an individual’s security, an integrated security architecture can take care of all kinds of cyber threats.

“Everybody is protecting their boundaries but today’s world is becoming perimeter-less. We should be protecting from a human point of view, as an individual — how can I carry my protection?” Meerah Rajavel, Chief Information Officer, Forcepoint, told IANS.

Rajavel stressed on the need to educate the people on cyber security-related issues by the government and the private enterprises.

To tackle threats like ‘WannaCrypt’ and ‘Petya’, Rajavel suggestd use of proactive, continous and integrated human-centric security system.

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“If I would have kept up with my patching, periodic checks and constantly evaluating my cyber posture, threats like ‘WannaCrypt’ and ‘Petya’ will not have any impact on me. They actually exploit a vulnerability,” she said.

Though Rajavel maintained that there is no fool-proof solution that would guarantee 100 per cent safety from cyber threats, she believes Forcepoint can provide the system to minimise the risk.

“We recognise the digitisation happening around the world, the privacy and legal concerns and our approach is not just based on technology but is people-centric,” the executive stressed.



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