Hyderabad girl who cooked up story of kidnap, rape, ends life

A 19-year-old girl, who had faked her abduction and rape at Ghatkesar on Hyderabad’s outskirts about two weeks ago to run away from home, committed suicide on Wednesday, police said.

She consumed sleeping pills at her uncle’s house in Ghatkesar, where she had been staying, and was reportedly depressed since it was revealed that she had cooked up the sensational story.

Family members rushed her to a hospital, where she was declared dead. Police shifted the body to government-run Gandhi Hospital for autopsy.

It was on the evening of February 10 that the police had received a call from the family of the student that she was kidnapped by an auto rickshaw driver when she was returning home from college. A couple of hours later she was found in semi-naked state on a road near Annojiguda Railway Gate and could barely walk.

Police had shifted her to a hospital and took up investigation after registering a case. The investigations over the next three days, however, revealed that she had faked her abduction and rape to get away from home.

Police, which picked up and questioned the auto driver and analysed the CCTV footage near her college and at other points, found many discrepancies in the girl’s statement. She later confessed to police that she lied about the crime which never happened.

Rachakonda Police Commissioner Mahesh M. Bhagwat on February 13 told the media that the entire story of abduction and rape was fake.

She had called her mother that evening to inform that the auto driver did not stop at RL Nagar and he was driving at high speed. The family alerted the police, which later traced her.

The CCTV footage analysed by the police showed that she did not board the auto rickshaw of the man she had accused of abducting and raping her along with his friends.

Police also found that she removed her clothes on her own to create an appearance of rape. While trying to rush to the scene before the arrival of the police, she tripped and fell in some bushes, injuring her leg.

The police, who analysed footage from at least 100 CCTV cameras, found that she walked alone for more than four kms. She also kept answering calls from police and her parents and shared her live location.

The investigations had also revealed that she tried to frame the auto driver as she had a previous dispute with him. Police apologised to the auto driver and others who were questioned.

The police also learnt that about six months ago she had lied to one of her friends that her brother was kidnapped and that he was released after some ransom was paid.