Hydrogen-powered electric bus to begin trial in Aussie state

The Australian state of New South Wales (NSW) announced on Wednesday that its first trial of a hydrogen-powered electric bus will begin later this year in a transition to zero-emission technology.

The government is partnering with local and national industry suppliers to test the future fuel source. Bus operators also join the trial to help understand how the technology could be implemented across regional NSW, Xinhua news agency reported.

“Unlocking hydrogen use in the heavy transport sector is key to creating new industries and achieving the economic prosperity that comes with it,” said NSW Treasurer and Energy Minister Matt Kean.

The local trial of the technology will begin after the first hydrogen fuel cell electric bus arrives on the Central Coast in east NSW. The bus will also need to pass on-road testing before it is rolled out in the trial.

NSW Regional Transport and Roads Minister, Sam Farraway said in some regional areas, buses need to travel greater distances before they refuel, which is why trials like this are important.

“Hydrogen buses have a greater range than battery electric buses, which could make them better suited for use in regional and outer metropolitan areas of the state,” Farraway added.

“The results of the battery electric bus trial on the Central Coast will be compared against the hydrogen bus to understand any key differences, including fuel economy and refueling times.”

The trial is part of the state government’s plan on reaching zero-emission targets with alternative transport options that are 100 per cent Australian designed, built and supported.






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