‘I am Groot’ poster and release date out!

The first poster as well as release date for the animated series ‘I am Groot’ is out. In the poster the baby Groot is seen relaxing and listening to music.

This new upcoming series is a spin-off from ‘The Guardians of the Galaxy’ franchise and the focus of this show is one of the most beloved characters of the MCU. The series will be made up mostly of shorts with possible sightings of other MCU characters who might appear in supporting roles.

This show has been created by Ryan Little and directed by Kirsten Lepore. In the MCU movies Groot has been shown as a teenager, but the series will show Groot as a baby.

For the unversed, Groot is a humanoid that’s tree-like and the character first appeared in the 2014 ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie. When this Groot died, his body parts managed to grow into a baby Groot when it was planted as a tree.

This series will be following the life of this regenerated baby Groot. Director James Gunn who came back to direct the third instalment of the ‘Guardians’ movies has said that ‘I am Groot’ need not actually be a part of the franchise.

When a fan posted a query about this on Twitter, Gunn responded by saying, “They are animated shorts so not necessarily part of the Guardians saga.”

James Gunn announced the release of ‘I am Groot’ on his Twitter and posted the poster with the caption “August 10 on Disneyplus”

Here is the tweet:

Meanwhile, the Vol. 3 of the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ movie is scheduled to release in 2023. Besides this, James Gunn is also working on a ‘Guardians Holiday Special’, which is slated to release during the 2022 holiday season.



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