I am joining Narendrabhai’s army as a sepoy: Hardik Patel

Hardik Patel, who once levelled a number of allegations against the BJP government and led the reservation movement for patidars, on Thursday joined the BJP after resigning from the Congress.

He donned the saffron colour at a program held at Kamalam, the BJP headquarters in Gandhinagar.

In the presence of religious leaders and BJP office bearers including Gujarat BJP state president C.R. Patil, former deputy chief minister Nitin Patel, Hardik Patel wore a saffron scarf. Before this, he took part in a roadshow on Gandhinagar Highway from Koba Circle to Kamalam amid the playing of DJ and dhols.

Addressing a press conference after joining the BJP, Hardik Patel said that Prime Minister Modi, CM Bhupendra Patel, party chief J.P. Nadda and state president C.R. Patil are working hard in the interest of the nation.

“I joined the party as a sepoy in Narendrabhai’s army, just as a squirrel contributed to the construction of Ramsetu. I am ready to accept whatever responsibility party gives me. This is my home coming. My father used to help Anandiben, the former Chief Minister of Gujarat, as much as he could and serve the BJP,” he said.

“I had also asked the Congress for a role of a soldier in the party, but that did not happen. It may have been the first time that someone resigned to become a soldier,” he added.

During the Patidar movement as well as after joining the Congress, Hardik hurled insults at the BJP and also levelled many allegations against the party. “We were protesting against the government at that time,” Hardik said in response to a question.

“The result can only come if the nature of the movement is fierce. I resigned from the PASS only when the Prime Minister announced the 10 per cent EBC reservation. I have also been imprisoned for this movement. Even a small child rebels against his parents. So I was right at that time and I am right when I resigned from the Congress and joined the BJP.”

With Hardik Patel, former Congress MLA Shweta Brahmbhatt also joined the BJP along with her supporters. C.R. Patil welcomed her with a saffron scarf. “Congress is a party without direction and without guidance,” Shweta said.

“I have other career options with my degree but I am involved in politics to do social work,” she added.




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