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‘I don’t follow rat race, I believe in direct communication,’ says Pooja Bhatt on ‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’

‘Bigg Boss OTT 2’ contestant, filmmaker and actress Pooja Bhatt during the task in the show told other housemates that she has never played the woman card and does not follow the rat race. 

The voice of Bigg Boss announced a task in which the contestants were required to rank each other from 1 to 9.

When Pooja Bhatt got a chance to convince other contestants to give her number 1 spot, she said: “I have never had any woman card, and I don’t follow the rat race. I believe in direct communication, speaking to people face-to-face with eye contact. My opinions and individuality are the reasons why I was called to participate in Bigg Boss OTT, even after having such a successful career for many years.”

“I always follow instructions and respect the orders of those in positions of authority.”

She added: “I don’t believe in ranking myself; I have never done that. When I entered the Bigg Boss OTT house, I didn’t consider myself as the top rank but viewers positioned me as 1st rank. I am content with any rank that my fellow housemates assign me, and I don’t let the initial high spirits of these rankings define my entire experience.”

She said that it is not about having a saintly attitude.

“Because I’m not seeking validation from rankings. I don’t have an addiction to the spotlight, camera, or attention. I was born into this industry, and I will remain a part of it until the end. None of you are my competitors, so my life doesn’t come to an end after Bigg Boss.”

“Therefore, I won’t engage in activities that would disappoint my fans just for attention. Successful careers aren’t achieved through chance and talent, but ultimately, it’s about what we are made of.”



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