Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s death, many Bollywood and television actors have been penning their take on mental health and suicide on social media. Rajput’s fans are so furious that they have blamed Bollywood for the actor’s untimely death, following reports that Sushant was ousted from seven films that may have pushed him towards this extreme move.
However, actor Samir Soni, who was seen in Parichay and has also been part of big banner films from Dharma and YRF studios alike, feels that pointing out fingers isn’t correct, and he would never do that.
Samir expressed his condolence and wrote that God has not created everyone “equal” and therefore there are tremendous pressures on people from all circuits. Here’s what he had to say in his post:


Netizens lashed out at this post by indicating that Soni was writing all this because he wanted to remain in the good books of these filmmakers. One of the comments on Samir’s post read:
“Yes true!!! Coz thtz ur story!!!! His (Sushant) story was different… there is sum crazy stuff going on in bollywood… and this poor guy had crossed their paths. His struggle had started from a small town in bihar, to reach this far was far from a joke!!! He had made it…imagine how insane they drove him n emotionally wrecked n drained him that he gave all this up so easily… Mr. Samir plz be honest coz I feel u know the truth n eveyr bollywood insider knows the reason he gave up…. These biggies ganged up against him….n snatched away his dreams so easily… shame on them… his father n sisters n family n his friends n his fans did not deserve this…he clearly begged to be accepted !!! N Mr. Samir I clearly see ur affected too…don’t justify anything n don’t cover up too…let it remain the way it is…u were not in his shoes. if u can’t stand up for it!!! Then jus do t mk statements…no one asked for it!!! He’s gone, his family grieving his loss..let them be in peace… v all know the truth…let’s accept it!!! Let’s accept n grieve Sushant’s loss!!! May he Be in Heaven (sic)”


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