I enjoy playing grey and negative roles: Arpana Agarwal

Actress Arpana Agarwal who is currently seen playing the role of Vrinda, in TV show ‘Rakshabandhan… Rasal Apne Bhai Ki Dhal’, says her character is inspired by the mythological iconic character ‘Manthara’ from the Ramayana.

She says: “I’m really enjoying the shades of my character in the show. It is powerful and challenging. Vrinda, can be compared to Manthara. As she is never happy with someone else’s happiness and enjoys creating a mess in others’ lives.”

Arpana, who was last seen in ‘Hamari Wali Good News’, adds she enjoys playing grey roles and doesn’t mind getting typecast. “I always enjoy playing negative onscreen. It permits you to act and makes your presence in the show more visible. There is also a lot to experiment with your looks. And I don’t mind getting typecast. I will enjoy the vamp tag as an actress.”

Aparna is also known for featuring in shows like ‘Masakali’ and ‘Ek Ghar Banaunga’.



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