‘I was born to be a reality star’, says Shivam as he prepares for ‘Splitsvilla X4’

Actor-model Shivam Sharma will be entering the reality show MTV ‘Splitsvilla X4’ as a wild card contestant. In conversation with IANS, he said about his entry again after the previous season and reveals the names of his favourite contestants.

He said: “Firstly I would really like to thank the makers of the show who have made me who I am today. Calling me back consecutively for the next season, it feels truly overwhelming as ‘Splitsvilla’ as a show is very close to my heart and the feeling is really surreal.”

Shivam was also seen in the 13th season of ‘Splitsvilla’. He has been part of several shows including ‘YARO Ka Tashan’, ‘Elevator Pitch’, ‘Dil Ko Phir Se Jeene Ki Hai’ among others.

He added: “I will be playing a role of a guy who is boombaam and is limitless and bold enough to not only face a single opponent but can fight against the whole villa, it is honestly a piece of cake for me as I feel I am just born to be a reality star as entertainment for me is inbuilt.”

Born in Delhi, Shivam started his career with modelling and later entered the entertainment industry. He was also seen on the reality show ‘Lock Upp’, hosted by Bollywood actress Kangana Ranaut.

How does he look at the current season of the dating-based reality show? Does he find it intriguing? He said:

“While this season is really good I still feel it is nothing compared to the last season where I was the first runner-up as we had a whole island to ourselves where we could explore a lot of options whereas the vibe for this season is very compact and colourful. It is a challenge in itself as we are divided into 2 islands but I am surely looking forward to the stint.”

He continued: “The games and tasks this season are amazing. Having boys and girls staying at 2 different locations was an intelligent move by the makers. I love the way they create a different theme for Splitsvilla every season. As each year passes seeing the new thoughts and shows concept, this season is surely something for everyone to look forward to.”

While talking about his favourite contestants, he said: “My personal favourite contestant on the show is Sohail Shaikh as his story is very inspiring. From being a Vada Pav seller in his childhood to seeing him achieve so much in life is truly an inspiration. His attitude to life despite having faced so many hurdles is positive and smiling. He is an epitome of a human with a good heart.”

His other favourite on the show is Uorfi Javed. He mentioned: “Uorfi is a nice human being who is bold enough to take upon any challenges in life. Seeing her as a mischief-maker was a nice move by the show’s team taking the entertainment level a notch higher this season.”

‘Splitsvilla X4’ airs on MTV.




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