IAF trainees create ruckus at B’luru railway station, let off with warning


The railway police let off more than 30 Indian Air Force (IAF) trainees who indulged in unruly behaviour at the Bengaluru Cantonment Railway station with a warning, police sources said on Friday.

The incident had taken place on Wednesday night at the time of booking of tickets. The group was taken to the Railway Protection Force (RPF) station and let off after the senior person from the IAF trainees group apologised for the incident.

The trouble started when an RPF personnel asked the airmen not to speak loudly and stand in the proper queue. The trainees were standing before three ticket counters and talking loudly to each other, sources said.

However, the IAF men ignored his warnings and continued to talk loudly. When he insisted, they jostled with him and also upbraided him. As armed forces personnel have a special provision to book tickets to multiple locations with their return journey, the process took more time and as they conversed loudly in the meantime, the public also became restless.

The RPF personnel then informed his seniors about the incident and they came and took all IAF jawans to the police post. As they apologised for the incident, they were let off with a warning, sources said.



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