IANS-CVoter National Mood Tracker: Indians divided about state govt efforts to control lumpy virus

Lumpy virus causing contagious skin disease in cattle, has spread to 16 states in the country.

More than 58,000 cows have died because of the viral infection.

Overall, more than 15 lakh cattle have been infected with the virus.

Rajasthan has registered the highest number of cases of Lumpy Skin Disease (LSD). A total of 173 cases have been found in the national capital as well.

The Centre has advised the states to take necessary steps to stop the spread of the virus. States have been advised to isolate the infected animals and prevent the disease from spreading.

CVoter-IndiaTracker conducted a countrywide opinion poll on behalf of IANS to know people’s views about the steps taken by different state governments to find a solution to the problem.

The survey revealed that Indians were sharply divided in their opinion on the issue.

According to the survey data, while 49 per cent of the respondents believe that the state governments are doing enough to control the spread of the disease, 51 per cent disagreed.

During the survey, similar division was noticed in the views of both the rural and urban respondents.

According to the survey data, while 50 per cent of rural respondents said that state governments are putting enough efforts to control the disease, another 50 per cent of rural respondents did not share the sentiment.

Similarly, while 50 per cent of urban respondents opined that state governments are doing their best to check the spread of infection in cattle, 50 per cent of urban respondents shared a completely different opinion.




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