IANS-CVoter National Mood Tracker: Majority Indians think Gehlot & Pilot will lock horns once again

The Rajasthan government is facing the heat after a Dalit boy was beaten to death by his teacher in Jalore district of the state.

Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot is facing outrage not only from the opposition but also from the leaders of his own party. The incident has also brought the Congress infighting to the fore in the state.

Congress leader Sachin Pilot, who had staged a rebellion against Chief Minister Gehlot in 2020 launched a veiled attack on his own government and said, “The government cannot take things for granted,” adding that the government “Will have to instill confidence among Dalits that we stand with them. There is no other option. The government should work on the shortcomings to change the system.”

Pilot’s criticism of his own government has sparked speculation of an open fight between two top Congress leaders once again before the state goes to polls next year.

CVoter-IndiaTracker conducted a nationwide survey on behalf of IANS to know people’s views about Congress infighting in Rajasthan. As per the survey data, the majority of respondents – 61 per cent believe that the Rajasthan Congress will witness an open fight between Gehlot and Pilot once again.

However, 39 per cent of respondents don’t think so. Interestingly, during the survey, while the majority of NDA voters – 70 per cent asserted that Gehlot and Pilot will clash openly once again before the Assembly polls, views of opposition voters were divided on the issue, with a bigger proportion of them – 54 per cent replying on similar lines.

As for the views of different social groups on the issue, the survey revealed that the majority of Scheduled Castes (SC) – 65 per cent, Upper Caste Hindus (UCH) – 66 per cent, Scheduled Tribes (ST) – 60 per cent and a bigger proportion of Other Backward Classes (OBC) – 53 per cent believe that the two top Congress leaders in the state will lock horns once again.




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