IDF to help evacuate babies from Al-Shifa hospital (IANS FROM ISRAEL)

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) has said that it would help in evacuating babies trapped in Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza Strip.

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced that it lost contact with Al-Shifa hospital and that children and aged people were suffering in the hospital due to Israeli attack.

The WHO said that its contacts in Al-Shifa hospital would have left for South Gaza after fighting increased in the premises.

The Hamas-run Gaza health ministry had earlier said that Israel army was shelling the hospital and there was no electricity in the hospital leading to the death of people in the Intensive care unit(ICU).

Meanwhile, the IDF has been all along maintaining that the Al-Shifa hospital was a major command centre of the Hamas with underground tunnel networks linked to the hospital.

The IDF has also charged that Hamas was using children and old people alike as human shields to escape from the attacks and have been allowing mobility of civilians from northern Gaza to south. The Israeli military has been allowing four hours daily for people to evacuate from northern Gaza to the southern strip.



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