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If no association, welcome CBI probe instead of blame game: Sukesh to AAP

In response to Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal’s statement against conman Sukesh Chandrashekhar regarding CBI seeking an FIR and detailed investigation into a complaint, the latter has issued a fresh press statement through his counsel, Advocate Anant Malik.

The complaint in question was against Kejriwal, AAP leader Satyendar Jain, and associates extorting money from Chandrashekhar under the garb of protection. He was allegedly sent threats to withdraw all his complaints as filed against members of AAP.

Currently incarcerated in Jail No. 13, Mandoli, Chandrashekhar has asked Kejriwal to welcome the CBI investigation and has challenged him to engage in a one-on-one narco test to address any claims of association.

“Kejriwal ji, if you do not have any association, please welcome this development of CBI Investigation instead of blame games and talking about my integrity..,” he has said.

He has asserted in his press statement that judgement regarding his alleged criminal activities should be left to the law and the courts, rather than being subject to public commentary.

“You and your Maha thug scam or associates have no right to comment if I am the Country’s biggest thug/ conman, the law and the Courts will decide the same,” he said.

He points out the irony of Kejriwal’s associates being in jail for corruption and accuses Kejriwal of being the main mastermind behind their actions.

“Look at yourself first, 3 of your main associates are in jail for looting public money and corruption. Anytime soon, you also will be a part of the Tihar Club.

“You are the main mastermind,” the statement read.

Emphasising the strength of his complaint, Chandrashekhar has assured Kejriwal that all statements provided to the CBI will be substantiated with concrete evidence and chat records in his possession.

Chandrashekhar has alleged that Kejriwal and his associate, Satyendar Jain, have been attempting to silence him through threats and offers, even while Jain is on interim bail.

Anticipating that the CBI investigation will bring all facts to light, Chandrashekhar has suggested that Kejriwal’s alleged corruption will be exposed.

“One advice, stop blaming and acting as usual. No one will buy your story anymore and please, have some shame mainly before giving terminologies against me as you have used my money right from extorting me, by offering me Rajya Sabah seats and from the smallest of things even furniture in your house is from the money I have given you,” Chandrashekhar has said.



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