Mumbai, April 22 (IANS) India limited overs vice-captain Rohit Sharma on Wednesday conceded that staying at home can get frustrating at times but one needs to engage in some activity or the other as it is for our own good during tough times of COVID-19.

India is on lockdown till May 3 to stop the spread of coronavirus pandemic which has impacted the country in a big way taking over 600 lives.

“It can get frustrating. Which is what through my social media I have been trying to send across this message that even while sitting at home you can entertain yourself. By enjoying the little things,” Rohit said at India Today’s E-Conclave Corona Series on Wednesday.

“Whether it’s spending time with your family or cleaning your house or doing some activity to keep your body fit.

“Watching TV, watching all these exciting shows that are coming up. There are a lot of things which we can do. I know it’s frustrating but it’s for our own good and for our own future.

“If we don’t take care of ourselves now, it’s going to be a big problem in the future,” Rohit added.

“And let’s not just think about ourselves, we have to think about our children and grandchildren also. I don’t see any reason why we shouldn’t be disciplined. We have seen a lot of things outside as well like no cars on the road, the pollution levels have dropped. We have seen flamingo birds in Mumbai and dolphins being spotted.”

Rohit also pointed out that it is about our future generations also that we need to stay disciplined for a month.

“It’s just about being disciplined for a month and we saw what can happen. We just need to be aware of how we use our natural resources, what do we think of our Mother Nature and if we keep a track of it… I mean it’s not just about us but also about our future generations.

“They shouldn’t be thinking twice before switching on a TV or the lights in their houses, they should just be able to do it because we have done it so why shouldn’t they think twice before doing it,” Rohit said.




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