If you use your phone in the washroom; here’s how it hurts your health

Phone addiction is a very real thing in today’s times and it affects people across all age groups. Right from checking the phone first thing in the morning to being glued to it throughout the day no matter what you do, including taking it to the washroom is something that most people consider as a need nowadays.

It’s no longer a preference but a habit. While there are inherent risks to increased phone usage to physical and mental health, taking the phone to the toilet in particular can make you more susceptible to a host of health issues.

Here’s what’s wrong with sitting with the phone on the pot:

Diarrhoea and/or bloating

The biggest problem with using a phone in the washroom is that you might forget cleanliness etiquettes when one hand is constantly occupied holding the phone. You might not be as hygiene conscious and might even forget to wash your hands and then you use the same hands to touch your phone.

Then with those same hands you eat food. This can cause a host of problems like diarrhoea, UTIs (Urinary Tract Infection) and many other digestive problems.

Exposure to bacteria and germs

Also, toilet is one place which is full of harmful bacteria so constantly being careless and using a phone in the washroom makes you vulnerable to inflammation in the insides of your intestines and stomach.

Bacteria on the smartphone

Washing hands in the washroom irrespective of whether you pee or poop is essential. But it is still important to note that even after being really careful, germs could stick to your smartphones. Therefore, along with washing your hands, if you take your phone when using the toilet, always diligently sanitise it afterwards to remove any residue of germs.

Piles or constipation

This habit of sitting on the chamber pot for extended periods of time simply because you’re checking your Instagram reels and such can lead to digestive issues in the long run. A digestive system that’s imbalanced can lead to piles or constipation. The reason piles are common is that you might be sitting for much longer than you need in the washroom browsing your phone. This causes more pressure on the excretory organs that they are used to, which could lead to the development of fissures or piles.

Bottom line is, ideally keep the phones away from the toilets. Use the time spent in the washroom as much needed detox time away from a screen. It is also a much-needed rest for your eyes and your mind.



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