If you wax your face; just stop!

A big part of the grooming routine for women is about getting rid of the peach fuzz and fine hair (and in some cases dense hair) on the face.

The reasons for hair growth in the face are several – hormones are the biggest culprits, diet, lifestyle and heredity are some other factors that can cause or impact hair growth on the face.

While trimming or threading are common methods, there are those who prefer to wax their face in order to eliminate facial hair.

As per leading dermatologists though, waxing the face is not recommended. They say that waxing the face is not only painful but it also causes a number of side effects like skin rashes, ingrown hair, blisters, allergic reactions, bleeding of the skin and in several cases premature ageing.

A leading dermatologist listed three reasons not to wax the face:

According to her, waxing will rip off a layer of the skin every time and if waxing is done regularly, like once a fortnight, it can lead to so much stripping away of the skin that over time the skin will become raw and burnt.

Regular daily face products will burn when applied to the face after waxing, eliminating the soother effects for which these products are used.

For those who have sensitive and dry skin waxing will only escalate the troubles because by nature waxing is abrasive and it will be rough on the skin.

Instead, dermatologists suggest other alternatives. For peach fuzz, the recommendation is to go for dermaplaning where a fine razor blade is used to clean the skin, it is considered effective in eliminating dead skin cells and peach fuzz of the face.

Laser bleaching is another option for those who don’t mind just bleaching the hair to blend in with their skin colour.

For those who have excessive hair growth or hirsutism, laser hair reduction is a good choice.

Another option to clean facial hair at home is to use an electric facial hair trimmer. These are battery operated and while they may not be as clean and smooth as face wax, these will ensure the hair on the face is trimmed and invisible to the naked eye.

It will also eliminate the ill effects that come with waxing the face. For those who worry that trimmers are like razors and so may increase hair growth. There is no substance to this myth. Your hair does not grow more because you use trimmers or razors. Hair growth is strictly dependent on hormones, heredity, diet and lifestyle.  



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