IGIA’s elevated ‘Cross Taxiway’ to be ready by Dec 2022


The Delhi International Airport Ltd (DIAL) on Wednesday said that the first elevated ‘Cross Taxiway will be ready by December 2022.

Accordingly, DIAL said it has completed about 60 per cent of the work on Eastern Cross Taxiways (ECT).

“Once commissioned, the 2.1 km-long dual elevated ECT will not only help decongest the airport and improve circulation paths of aircraft, but also reduce approximately 55,000 tonnes of CO2 emission annually,” DIAL said.

As per DIAL, the 2.1 km-long dual elevated ECT will help in enhancing passenger experience, as they will have to remain inside a plane for a much shorter duration after landing or during take-off.

At present, after landing on RWY 29/11 (runway 29/11) or to take-off from this runway, an aircraft has to cover a distance of about 9 km.

“During this period, passengers have to remain inside the plane. After commissioning of the ECT, the aircraft taxiing distance will significantly go down (to just 2 km) as it will taxi along the taxiway parallel to RWY 11/29 and use the ECT to take a straight path to Terminal 1 or vice-versa,” DIAL said.

“The ECT will also help airlines save approximately 350 kg of fuel every time an aircraft uses the taxiing route provided by the ECT from RWY 29/11 to Terminal 1 and vice-versa,” it added.