IIT-Guwahati resumes physical classes after 2 years


Premier engineering institute IIT Guwahati (IIT-G) has resumed its physical classes and research work with full capacity after two years, officials said on Monday.

IIT-G officials said that the institute has revoked the Covid restrictions that were earlier imposed as there are no coronavirus cases in the campus, resuming the physical classes for the students.

However, all necessary precautions prescribed by the government are in place to be followed.

IIT-G was established in 1994 and it completed 25 years of existence in 2019.

Currently, the student and research scholar strength on campus is close to 7,000.

Expressing his satisfaction over the resumption of the institute’s activities at its regular pace, Prof T.G. Sitharam, director, IIT-G, said that after two years of online learning, the hustle and bustle of students have returned to the campus.

“It is so refreshing to have the students back on campus and we are geared up to come back to the classroom with high-quality teaching and learning experience,” he said.

Along with academic activities, cultural and sports activities have also resumed in full swing on the campus.

A statement of the IIT-G said that the 26th edition of “Alcheringa”, the annual cultural fest of IIT-G, was organised from March 11-13 with large-scale participation of Professors, students and non-teaching staff.

Eminent artistes from different parts of the countries performed in the three-day ceremony.



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