‘Ikk’ is a psychological fantasy thriller, not a sports film: Babu Tamizh

The story of ‘Ikk’, which is all set to hit screens on December 10, will revolve around the life of a football player.

Talking to IANS, the film’s director Babu Tamizh said, “Although the film is about a football player, it is not a sports film. ‘Ikk’ will be a psychological fanatasy thriller.”

‘Ikk’ has actors Yogesh and Anicka Vikhraman playing the lead and Guru Somasundaram and Y.G. Mahendran playing pivotal characters.

Giving out more details about his film, the director said, “This will not be a normal story. It might not be based on a real life incident but this is a story that everybody will be able to relate to. You might have come across such instances in your life.

“A football player gets injured and he experiences certain psychological developments after that. To be more specific, he experiences Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. ‘Ikk’ will be about these developments.”

When asked why the film had been titled ‘Ikk’ and what it meant, he said that the title refers to the Tamil letter ‘Ikk’, which is also used to refer to information that is deliberately withheld.

“For instance, when someone says that ‘Ikku vachi pesuranga’, it means someone is talking in such a way that they are withholding information or hiding information. As my film talks about such moments in this football player’s life, we decided to name it ‘Ikk’,” the director said.

Music for the film, which has cinematography by Radhakrishnan, has been scored by Gavaskar Avinash.



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