IMA wants booster dose for healthcare workers, others amid Omicron threat


The Indian Medical Association has demanded a booster dose for healthcare, frontline workers and immuno-compromised individuals to augment their immunity amid the Omicron threat.

“At this juncture, IMA appeals to the government on the eve of the impending third wave to officially announce the healthcare, frontline workers and immuno-compromised individuals to be given an additional dose to augment the immunity”, said Dr J. A. Jayalal, National President of the IMA.

Omicron has proved to be less virulent in producing severe infections but definitely 5 to 10 times more potent in transmissibility than the Delta virus. Hence it is necessary for the government and all stakeholders to take appropriate measures to control the transmissibility of this infection by enhancing immunization, said IMA.

Underlining the sudden spike in children getting infected with Omicron in African countries, the IMA has said that the government should expedite the proposal for vaccination of children aged from 12-18 years at the earliest.

Appreciating the government for the mass vaccination drive as India has administered jabs to over fifty per cent of the adult population, Jayalal said that vaccination all over the world has been proved and it will prevent severe forms of infection especially the Omicron. He added, “If we can altruistically focus on a war footing on vaccination, India can definitely overcome the impact of Omicron causing serious disasters to the country. Hence IMA earnestly appeals to everyone concerned to take the vaccination as priority agenda and focus on ensuring that the 2nd dose is given to all the needy people who are yet to get it.”

However, the medical association has said that it doesn’t support the imposition of a travel ban, adding that people must avoid unnecessary travel and all public transport systems must strictly adhere to the Covid protocols.



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