‘Imlie’: Imlie to leave Atharva after knowing his truth

The daily show ‘Imlie’ featuring Megha Chakraborty, Seerat Kapoor and Karan Vohra is all set to witness some interesting drama.

It is a story of Imlie (Megha), Chinni (Seerat) and Atharva(Karan) and how their life is going through various ups and downs. While Imlie is married to Atharva and is already in love with him, he is attached to Chinni and she is trying her best to break up his marriage with Imlie.

In the recent episodes, Imlie overhears Atharva talking to Chinni, saying although he has all respect for Imlie but he never loves her. After hearing this, Imlie leaves from there and later asks Atharva why he never told her the truth that he has feelings for someone else.

Atharva is also shattered after Chinni asks him to stay away from her as she has found someone better.

The latest promo dropped by the makers shows Imlie finding Atharva and Chinni hugging each other and asks them why they never told her anything. If this is all some imagination or some reality will be shown in coming episodes.

Furthermore, Imlie is shown missing and both the families are worried as to where she would have gone.

‘Imlie’ airs on Star Plus.




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