Impending motherhood makes Sanjana Galrani realise value of parents


Actress Sanjana Galrani, who is in the family way, says preparing for a baby has made her realise several things about parenthood and life.

Taking to Instagram, the actress said she had entered her seventh month of pregnancy and was going through biological changes, which included weighing 15 kilos heavier, which she finds “gracefully embarrassing”.

Galrani said she had started accepting “the way my walk has changed due to severe sacroiliac joint pain, but still smiling through it all, trying my best to be active and be ‘above’ all the physical and mental challenges of this phase”.

The sacroiliac joint connects the pelvis with the joint and is critical to the way we walk.

“I have realised in this journey it’s so easy for this generation to let go of parents, make them feel unimportant as adults, but one can really know what the value of parents is and what they have gone through to bring us up only when you go through the entire drill of carrying your own baby in your body and going through so much physically to just bring a child into the world,” Galrani said.

And she concluded by adding: “Motherhood has brought so many realisations in my life. Preparing for the baby has brought so many changes in me, it’s truly a beautiful transition.”



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