Imran Khan seems to have accepted defeat: Maryam Nawaz


Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of the opposition Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N), has said that Prime Minister Imran Khans talk about leaving power are just false claims and he should go home, The News reported.

She said that Khan sounds like a person who is not only defeated but has also accepted his defeat and added that four years into the government and he was still only whining.

“The cartels you are complaining about are the mafias on your right and left who have fleeced 220 million and who run your kitchen,” she said.

This was stated by Maryam Nawaz in a series of tweets in reaction to the statement given by Khan while responding to the live questions of the masses.

Maryam Nawaz said: “Imran Khan is a dashed hope of people for the incompetency and ineptitude stricken people of Pakistan who are waiting for you to spare them from the four-year-long ordeal that has cost them their lives.”

She said that every word that Khan has uttered reeks of failure, dashed hopes and no faith in his or PTI’s future.

“This was inevitable man. You are history and the history that we will be taught as a lesson of caution to those who rely more on conspiracy and plotting than people’s power.”



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