Imran may go for immediate polls if ousted from power


The ruling Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has prepared a strategy for dealing with the situation if the opposition succeeds in executing the vote of no-confidence against Prime Minister Imran Khan.

Sources told The Express Tribune that the PTI is expected to vouch for early elections while playing its role in getting electoral reforms, including implementation of electronic voting and the right of vote for overseas Pakistanis, approved by the National Assembly (NA).

They said that the ruling party will launch a mass protest movement against the future government and an election campaign to garner support to return to power.

Public meetings will be held in all major cities and districts of the country and protests would be held at all levels, they added.

They further said that senior and loyal party workers and leaders will be awarded tickets for the next elections and no dissenting member would be involved in the party’s re-organisation.

They added that an integrated structure would be made from the top to the Union Council-level, The Express Tribune reported.

According to sources, lawmakers will not immediately resign from the provincial assemblies. Rather, decisions would be based on circumstances.

They said that the PTI will embark on a campaign to inform the people about the opposition’s role in view of the “foreign threat”, and the government’s performance during the past three-and-a-half-years.

No deviant members and leaders will be re-involved in the organization. Khan will inform the people about the conspiracy against his government after possible removal, and the people will be asked to boycott dissenting members and “conspiratorial” characters at all levels.

The sources said that the central leadership of the party is expected to approve this strategy.

The public relations campaign and the protest movement will be announced after the outcome of the no-confidence motion, they added.

They also disclosed that leading party workers have told the premier that their party’s popularity has increased among the people after the issue of “conspiracy” against the elected government came to light, and if the government leaves, an immediate public outreach campaign will ensure a clear chance of the party winning the next election, The Express Tribune reported.



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