Imran offers to dissolve assembly if no-confidence motion is withdrawn


As the Oppositions number game gets stronger, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has offered to dissolve the assembly if the no-confidence motion against him is withdrawn, Geo News reported.

According to sources, an “important personality” has given a message of PM Imran Khan to the Leader of the Opposition in the National Assembly, Shahbaz Sharif.

This was revealed during the meeting of the Opposition leaders on Thursday ahead of the crucial National Assembly session for the debate on the no-confidence motion.

It was shared that the premier has asked for a “safe passage” amid a deepening political crisis.

Sources further added that Imran Khan has said that if the Opposition doesn’t agree to his suggestion, he is ready to face any situation, Geo News reported.

The joint Opposition reviewed the suggestion and message of the “important person” during their meeting on Thursday.

Sources, however, added that the majority of the Opposition leaders recommended not to trust Imran Khan and suggested asking the NA speaker for holding the voting on the motion at the earliest.

“We have the numbers. We will get benefit if the process is completed on the motion as soon as possible,” an Opposition leader said.

The sources also said that the Opposition has suggested that the only option for “face-saving” is Imran Khan’s resignation.



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