In 3-years, PM Modi & Amit Shah transform terrorism-hit J&K into progressive ‘Naya J&K’

Prime Minister Narendra Modi and his trusted lieutenant Union Home Minister Amit Shah within three years have transformed Jammu and Kashmir from a terrorism-hit state to one of the most progressive regions in the country.

Soon after Narendra Modi took over the reins of the country in 2014, he made his intentions clear about scrapping J&K’s special status and its complete merger with the Union of India.

When PM Modi returned to power with a thumping majority in 2019, he assigned “Mission Kashmir” to Union Home Minister Amit Shah with a direction that all the problems hovering around Kashmir should be resolved once for all.

Shah without wasting any time brought the Bill to abrogate Article 370, a temporary provision in the Constitution, on August 5, 2019.

Both the Houses passed the historic Bill to end the so-called special status of J&K and divided the region into two Union Territories, J&K and Ladakh. What the leaders couldn’t do in 70-years was done by PM Modi led dispensation within a span of 5-years after assuming the power. When J&K’s special was revoked, Kashmir-based leaders announced that J&K’s connection with India had been broken and within no time Himalayan region would end up in the lap of Pakistan. They had predicted a massive uprising and J&K getting burnt.

However, nothing happened, J&K people accepted the Centre’s decision gracefully and not even single protest was witnessed across the region. Even people didn’t come out too seek the release of 40 mainstream politicians, who were detained after the Centre’s August 5, 2019 decision.

Both Modi and Shah had done their homework very well and the developments that have taken place during the past three years have vindicated the Centre’s decision to change J&K’s status-quo. Neither J&K has burnt nor has it fallen into the lap of Pakistan. It continues to be an integral part of India and will remain so forever.

Terrorism biggest atrocity

The abrogation of Article 370 has made it clear to one and all that there is no good terrorism or bad terrorism. Terrorism in any form is the biggest atrocity against humanity.

Pakistan stands exposed before the world for exporting terror to J&K for 30-long years and leaving no stone unturned to turn it into a graveyard.

Violence was imposed upon J&K people as Pakistan exported terrorism and its sympathizers made every possible attempt to destroy Jammu and Kashmir. Separatists sponsored by the neighbouring country conspired against J&K, misguided innocent youths, and used them as cannon fodder, while their own children went to Delhi, Mumbai and abroad to get quality education and lead a normal life.

Skeletons tumble

Former political rulers played into the hands of separatists by talking about Kashmir being an issue and its needs a resolution. They used to believe that for running the government they have to remain in the good books of Pakistan stooges. On many occasions they obliged the separatists by providing government jobs to their kith and kin.

The governance in erstwhile J&K State was meant only for the select few elites and not a common man.

After August 5, 2019, many skeletons tumbled out leading to people asking hard questions like, how NoKs of terrorists were recruited in the government services? How secessionists were given jobs? And a common man was left out.

In ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ the foundation of which was laid by PM Modi and Union Home Minister Amit Shah three years ago, the situation has changed.

Jammu and Kashmir has overcome the fear of guns and is scaling new heights of development. There is greater ease of living in the lives of people.

Article 370 promoted secessionism, terrorism, nepotism and large scale corruption to Jammu Kashmir. It denied due rights to people and was used by Pakistan to fight a proxy war with India. The abrogation of Article 370 has ushered a new era of peace, progress and prosperity in the erstwhile princely state.

Befitting reply

A befitting reply has been given to terrorists sponsored by Pakistan and their supporters. Terror financing and local recruitment in terrorist ranks have been curbed to a great extent. Peace has not been brought. It has been established.

In the past 3-years, J&K people have endorsed each and every move of the government. They have grabbed all the opportunities that have been provided to them. They have raised their voice against the terrorism and the senseless acts of violence committed by the terrorists.

J&K people for the first time in 30-years are calling spade a spade. By rejecting violence and separatism people of J&K have sent a clear message to adversaries that they should be left alone.

Sea change

A common man in Jammu and Kashmir has realized that India has always tried to protect him while Pakistan has left no chance to turn him into an instrument which can be used for its own vested interests.

Security forces in Jammu and Kashmir are working in close coordination with each other. They are not touching the innocents but the guilty aren’t being spared.

The improvement in the security situation has led to peace returning to J&K after three decades of Pakistan sponsored onslaught.

J&K witnessing a sea change has left the traditional politicians dumb founded. They have been left with nothing to sell. Their slogans of autonomy, self-rule have lost relevance as after August 5, 2019, J&K has embarked on the ‘Mission Peace’.

Confusions end

Prime Minister Narendra Modi led regime has ended all the confusions surrounding Kashmir. Benefits of all the centrally sponsored schemes are reaching to J&K people directly like every other Indian citizen.

Political parties in Kashmir are trying to raise a slogan of getting Article 370 back but these slogans are not finding any takers.

J&K people by rejecting the hollow slogans have driven home a point that the era of theatrics has ended. Only such leaders are welcome who can muster courage to speak the truth rather than ones who believe in lies and propagate falsehood.

The foundation of ‘Naya Jammu and Kashmir’ has been laid on truth and it cannot be shaken. Destinies of J&K people have changed and they have understood that their future is secure with India and Pakistan is nothing but an illusion.




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