‘Incompetent’ UP cops above 50 to be retired


Uttar Pradesh police personnel who have completed 50 years on March this year, will be subjected to screening.

Those who are found ‘incompetent, indisciplined and corrupt’ will be given compulsory retirement.

Fresh orders in this regard have been issued by the Additional Director General (ADG), Establishment, Sanjay Singhal.

A senior police official said the order stated that all police departmental heads and district police chiefs should complete the process of screening police personnel from the rank of constable to inspector.

He said the order stated that the screening of all police personnel up to the age of 50 years till March 31, 2021, would be done on the basis of their ‘performance’ or ‘non-performance’.

The state government had emphasised on this policy for past two years to weed out incompetent, indisciplined and corrupt police personnel.

ADG (Law and Order) Prashant Kumar clarified that it was not a new development, but the order related to the screening of employees above 50 years was there since 1985 and it had also been done in other departments and central government units.

“This screening should not be considered that the employees will be given retirement forcibly, but it has been done as per their utility in the service,” he said.

He said those police personnel above 50 years of age, whose screening has been done once, will not be part of the further screening.

It may be recalled that 364 police personnel from the rank of inspector to class four employees were given compulsory retirement across the state in 2019.

These included 11 inspectors, 57 sub-inspectors, eight sub-inspectors (ministerial), 80 head constables and 200 constables and class four employees.

Besides, some Provincial Police Service (PPS) and Indian Police Service (IPS) officers were also given compulsory retirement since 2019, the most publicized case being that of IPS Amitabh Thakur.