India asks its students in China to register for consular needs

To ensure timely facilitation of consular needs for its students in China, the Indian Embassy in Beijing has provided an official registration link to the students who have just returned to the Asian country or are already studying there.

“With concerted efforts, Indian medical students have started returning to mainland China to re-join their respective universities. In order to ensure timely facilitation of their consular needs, Indian students in China are requested to fill in the registration form,” a notification on the Embassy’s website stated on Friday.

It has also provided the contact details of the Embassy of India in Beijing as well as Indian consulates in Shanghai and Guangzhou.

One needs to fill details like name, passport number, university name and registration number, batch, expected date of completion of degree, date of entry or return, the state of residence in India, contact details etc. on the registration form (

In a tweet, the Embassy also asked students to note that the “University registration number” is the same as the roll number of the student in the respective university.

Over 23,000 Indian students are currently enrolled in various Chinese universities, a vast majority of them being medical students.

After two years of pandemic chaos, China has finally opened its borders to Indian students pursuing higher education courses in its universities.

Earlier this month, over 1,300 Indian students have received visas to return to China to resume their studies.

According to local reports, Indian students are now having a tough time finding direct flights to China. They are now chalking out different routes on their own via Sri Lanka, Dubai, Hong Kong and Myanmar.

Direct passenger flight services between India and China are unlikely to resume in the near future unless Beijing modifies its Zero Covid policy.




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