India can only be better if we realise true spirit of the country: Sanjib Chattopadhyay

Everybody has their own conceptions of wellness. Some think having a huge amount of money is a way to stay better; some might think a country is self-reliant, with a large number of soldiers and an armoury full of arms and ammunition can only make us happy and for some others is a huge stock of crops in the granary. The meaning of happiness and the conception of a better future varies with every individual.

One thing we must accept is that the development of an individual cannot be separated from the overall development of the country. Let us think when an individual gets a proper job with a respectable income it is nothing but an example of the prospect of the country. Similarly, when a businessman makes enough wealth through his business it eventually contributes to the state coffer. So, the betterment of the country is closely related to the prospects of an individual.

Now, if you ask me what is the concept of my betterment of a country, I can say in a single sentence that the betterment of a country depends on its success on establishing religion. When I say ‘religion’ I never mean it to Hinduism. Buddhism, Jainism, Christianity or Islam. I mean a universal religion that goes beyond the boundaries of narrow religious beliefs.

What is religion? There are many kinds of religions but the basic of religion is to work for the benefit of human beings. In our ancient times what was the primary duty of a King? The primary duty of a king is work for the benefit of the people and that is what is called ‘Raj Dharma’. So, the word Dharma doesn’t attach itself with the religious beliefs of an individual, rather it was a concept where people will discharge their duties without any interest. This is what religion is all about. This will help in creating a beautiful country called India. that will speak of ‘Satyam, Sivam and Sundaram’, our eternal concept of perfection.

India is a land of variety. Take the example of Sankaracharya for whom an individual and the country is not different. He divided the country into six parts where Kanyakumari is believed to be the ‘Root Chakra’ that stays at the bottom of the spine and Badrinath is the ‘Crown Chakra’ that stays on the top of our head. According to Sankaracharya our journey is from ‘Root Chakara’ to ‘Crown Chakra’, from Kanyakumari to Badrinath where we achieve our ‘Moksha’, our salvation.

We can easily understand that people of this country will have to explore the variety of the nation to realise its true spirit. The beauty of our country doesn’t lie in the construction of a dam or going to Mars. Scientific achievements are definitely important but the real betterment of our country lies in the realisation of the true spirit of the country and for that we need some right-thinking people who will come forward and take us to the root of our belief. That can only make a ‘Better India’.