India leads in digital skills readiness for future of work

India leads on digital skills readiness to acquire the key digital skills needed by business today and over the next five year index among 19 countries, a new report showed on Friday.

Among 19 countries, India has the Index’s highest digital readiness score at 63 out of 100 (average global readiness score was 33 out of 100).

In India, 72 per cent of respondents say they are very actively learning digital skills now to prepare themselves for the future of work, according to the index prepared by leading software company Salesforce.

Nearly 66 per cent of respondents in India also said they feel very equipped with resources to learn digital skills.

The Index is based on a survey of over 23,500 workers in 19 countries, with an average global readiness score of 33 out of 100.

“India is rapidly developing to become a global powerhouse for talent with the potential to lead this global transition to an all new digital economy,” said Arundhati Bhattacharya, CEO and Chairperson, Salesforce India.

Globally (51 per cent) of respondents and in India (54 per cent) of respondents want to learn new skills to help them grow their current career.

The Index also said that globally, younger respondents have greater confidence and ambition to learn new skills — over one-third of Gen Z are ‘very actively’ learning and training for skills needed over the next five years.

However, in India, Baby Boomers are leading the way with 83 per cent of respondents very ‘actively’ learning and training for skills needed now.




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