India missed Kohli the batsman and the skipper in Johannesburg Test, says Gambhir


Former India cricketer Gautam Gambhir said that India missed Virat Kohli, the batsman, and the skipper, in the Johannesburg Test. Kohli was ruled out of the second Test at the last moment due to an upper back spasm and opener KL Rahul took the responsibility of captaincy. India lost the Test and an opportunity to win the series in South Africa.

“India definitely missed Virat Kohli the batsman and the captain. He is so experienced and things turn simpler for experienced captains because they have been around for a long time. Steve Smith, Joe Root, Kane Williamson, Rohit Sharma, these are the type of batters you miss. And it is difficult to find their replacement no matter what form they are in,” said Gambhir on Star Sports

Gambhir advised Rahul to be more aggressive as a captain and learn as quickly as he can.

“The more time he spends, the better he will learn, but the faster he learns the better it is. This is not like ODI or T20I captaincy, which is far easier because you don’t have to focus much on-field placements. In Test cricket you need to buy the wickets, sometimes even gamble with your choices,” he said.



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