India needs to work on artificial intelligence mechanism carefully: Rajnath

Defence Minister Rajnath Singh on Monday said that the country should exercise restrain and caution while working on Artificial Intelligence (AI) mechanism and use it for the progress of humanity.

Singh cautioned that it should not be like nuclear power over which only a country or a group of countries have dominance.

“We have to use artificial intelligence (AI) for humanity’s progress and peace. It should not be like nuclear power on which only a country or a group of countries have dominance and the other countries are deprived of this technology,” he underlined while addressing a symposium on ‘Artificial Intelligence in Defence’ here. “We have to ensure the democratic use of the AI,” he added.

The defence minister further said the arrival of technology is just like the movement of a clock because once it moves forward, it is not possible to walk it back.

“We cannot stop the progress of artificial intelligence and we should not try to stop its progress. But we need to be careful about it,” he said, adding that when a new technology brings a huge change, its transition period is also as huge and serious.

“Since AI is a technology that can bring a massive change, we must be ready to face the legal, ethical, political, and economic upheaval that may follow,” Singh noted. “We need to work on AI extremely carefully so that the technology does not go out of our control in the coming times,” he added.

Speaking on the growth of Artificial Intelligence, Singh further quoted Russian president Vladimir Russian president Vladimir Putin.

“I am reminded of a quote by Putin some time ago. You all know Russia is a technologically advanced country. In the field of science and technology, it has gradually progressed. On artificial intelligence, Russian president Vladimir Putin had once said: “Whoever becomes the ruler of the sphere, will rule the world.”

However, India does not want to rule the world. India has always given one message that the whole world is a family. “We have never intended to conquer the world,” Singh said, adding “but we also have to strengthen the AI technology in India so that no other country can overpower us,” he added.




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